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You wake with a strange sense of familiarity.

You encounter strangers you seem to already know.

You sense there is something important that you're forgetting.

You can only hope that you'll remember this.

CW: violence, murder.

Cage of Sand is a time loop horror game for 1-4 players. You will need a deck of tarot cards, some paper and something to write with.

Inspired by the When they Cry series, Undertale and the kishoutenketsu storytelling structure, Cage of Sand follows a protagonist only vaguely aware of the fact that time has begun to repeat itself. They wake and begin their daily activities, interacting with and learning about other the characters that make up the story's cast. A seemingly insignificant event marks the beginning of a set of strange and gruesome murders, culminating in a deadly disaster before time repeats and the memories fade.

Play to discover the truth.

Development State

Cage of Sand is currently in early access mode, meaning that the game is complete but requires further playtesting. If you are willing to contribute feedback, please contact me on Twitter @LuciellaES or by emailing luciellaes@gmail.com.

Cage of Sand will form part of the Scraps Burgers anthology targeted for release in late 2020. To learn more and keep updated, visit the official website: https://www.scrapsburgers.com/.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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CAGE OF SAND is a tarot RPG about a time loop horror story, inspired by stories like the When They Cry series. I absolutely love the setting, and the mechanics are ingenious. You play as someone who just woke up from a nightmare, and you interact with NPCs represented by tarot cards. And then (spoiler alert) everyone dies, and the cards get shuffled. With each time loop, you obtain new information and get closer to unravelling the mystery. I really adore the use of tarot cards for open ended story telling, and I can see the parallel between shuffling the cards and going through a time loop, which is very cool.