13th June minor update

I've just uploaded a new version with a few minor changes: adding in some flavour text and changing the introduction from "game for 1-4 players" to "game for one or more players".

There is no firm cap on the number of players, since this is a collaborative storytelling game. The original thinking behind the 4 player cap was to keep the game small and intimate, but in practice I think it could work just as well with a larger group so long as everyone is somewhat focused and the content (lines and veils etc.) is negotiated upfront.

As a side note: I've received some lovely comments recently from new folx trying out the game, and thank you so much for this! I often say that indie dev is a little like screaming into the abyss and hoping the abyss screams back. Sometimes it does. No comment is too small, so if you'd like to make my day or that of any other indie dev, please reach out and let us know that you enjoyed our games!


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Jun 12, 2020

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