November 2020 updates

Hey folx! I just uploaded a new version of Cage of Sand based on some additional playtesting conducted recently.

The changes are as follows:

  • Slight improvement to a few mechanics, including introduction of 2 new prompts to ease the transition between acts 3 and 4.
  • Minor wording improvements to clarify the intent of certain sections, such as how the interactions in Phase 2 work.
  • Additional functionality in the Excel version of the game, making it easier to replace cards in Phase 3 or to exclude characters from Phases 2 and 3.

The game has also been featured on a stream! Just in case anyone was wondering: yes, you absolutely can play this game on a stream, and while you don't have to contact/ask me about it, I do love to see my own games in action and am generally happy to help promote your stream as well. You can leave me a comment on Itch, reach out on Twitter or send me an email at

Check out this super dramatic, spooky actual-play by Chloe Mashiter:



CageOfSand.pdf 265 kB
Nov 24, 2020
CageOfSand-MacroFormat.xlsm 3.7 MB
Nov 24, 2020

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