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A tarot-based storytelling game for up to 6 people, with options for solo gameplay or GM-less gameplay.

Your country has been at war with its neighbour for several months now, closing on a year. Those who care enough about the reasons can talk to how several poor seasons led to failed negotiations with your king which led to a coup which led to your current troubles. For most, those explanations change little. You’ve seen war before in your lifetime, but never of this scale.

Your village feels empty. Anyone capable of fighting has long since been taken far from their home, leaving more than enough work for those left behind. For some, that work is a welcome distraction from the knowledge of loved ones who have not or will not return, while for others it is merely painful but necessary labour.

Your village feels different. The vast majority of the departing soldiers were men, and those who remain are mostly women, the young and the elderly. It is only now that you realise the true extent to which your town was once dominated by men. The behaviours that were once tolerated or even celebrated are now shunned and punished, and a new acceptance has grown for what was once deemed weak or sinful. The things that were once whispered can be discussed openly in the fields and on the streets.

Not all are content with the way things have changed, but until the war ends and the soldiers return, the malcontents can do little but quietly mutter amongst themselves. You feel guilty to admit it, even to yourself, but would be lying if you said there was no part of you that wished that war would last forever. In the meantime, however, there remains much work to be done.

About the Game

The Women of Sayora Village is a tabletop roleplaying game for 2-6 people, one of which acts as the Invoker (GM) and the rest of which are the Villagers – protagonists of the story. In addition to this book, you will need a deck of tarot cards and some notepaper and pens. If you do not have tarot cards, it is possible to substitute with a deck of playing cards by ignoring the major arcana and the knight cards. The game is ideally played in a quiet room without background distractions. You may also want to arrange music, decorations or food to build atmosphere.

As the name suggests, the game is built around women’s experiences in a woman-dominated setting. This doesn’t mean that other genders can’t play or that you need to play a female character, but that you will gain the most enjoyment from the game if you engage with those themes. For example, if you are a man playing a male character, what sort of feminine qualities do you normally avoid which you would feel more comfortable embracing in a majority female setting?

Development State

The first draft of the game text is complete. This text has not been edited or playtested, and currently there is no art. The layout is simple and unadorned.


The game has temporaily been made free/PWYW for the jam duration and will revert to a paid product on its conclusion.


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