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You Are Safe Now is a 4-word live-action roleplaying game about challenging old behaviours associated with an unsafe environment. Despite being inspired by Fire Jam, the game expressly involves no fire. No dice or other items are required to play. This is a reflection activity only.

Most of my other games are longer than 4 words, so please check those out too.

Content Warning:

The game is themed around recovery from long term abuse and hints at some behaviours associated with trauma, though there is no explicit wording or imagery.


"Photograph of a Burning Fire" by Moein Moradi, sourced from Pexels. The font used in the game is Asterone, sourced from Creative Market. The fonts on the Itch page are Orbitron and Chivo, found in Google Fonts.

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Tagsfire, recovery, reflection, Singleplayer


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