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A game in which people who are younger than 80 pretend to be octogenarians in a loving queerplatonic polycule planning to commit a jewel heist. This game was originally created for the Art Is Ego Jam but finished late due to poor time planning and/or not knowing how time works in 2020.

Target Audience: in line with the theme of "Art is Ego", I made a game based on some specific feelings that I have as an asexual and aromantic person who just turned 29 and is living alone and single during a pandemic.

Materials: you will need a deck of standard playing cards (jokers optional). This game can be played remotely using tabletop simulation tools that allow each player to manage a hand, draw and discard and play cards in view of the other players.

Do I need a GM? Nope. It might be helpful for someone to read the rules and facilitate the game, but everyone takes turns as equal players during the game itself.

Does this game actually work? Hell if I know; you think I playtested it? Lmao.

What's the "Emotional Labour Addendum? The game itself is free.  The optional paid add-on provides an overview of terms such as asexuality, aromanticism, amatonormativity, relationship escalator, queerplatonic, polycule and etc. All of this information can also be found in one form or other by Googling the above terms; if you want ME SPECIFICALLY, as an aro ace person, to explain it, then you can purchase this add-on for the minimum price shown (currently US$10).


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omg, here I am an anxious, gen-z, rollplay nerd, aroace scrolling on the Internet at two in the morning, desperately looking up information about queerplatonic polycules because I’m tired of being lonely, and I find this absolute masterpiece! I don’t know if I’m really tired or if this is the best thing I’ve ever seen. And at such a reasonable price too. Definitely saving this for later. Thanks for showing me I’m not the only one in this weird.