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6e, aka This 1 Woman 0 Mearls RPG has Nothing to Do with That 0 Women 1 Mearls RPG, is a technically playable, vaguely high fantasy 10 page tabletop roleplaying game that was written almost entirely out of spite. You will need at least one 20-sided die.

I have made this game free since it was lazily written, has not been edited and has no art or other adornment.  If you enjoy it, please leave a review and please check out my other games.


Q: I am a white cis man and how dare you call my favourite game a 0 Women 1 Mearls RPG? Kindly refer to the credits pages of the core rulebooks to validate this rather mild statement of fact. If you really must complain, feel free to attempt to contact me on Twitter @luciellaes or by leaving a comment below.

Q: why are you ignoring the fact that they hired a white cis gay man when they could have just as easily hired another white cis straight man? Idk man, I just don't think that contradicts anything I just said.

Q: but what about the artists, editors, brand and marketing and other non-writer roles, huh? Why aren't you acknowledging those, huh? Why do you hate women so much, huh? Dude, why are you still here defending your problematic fave when you could be doing literally anything else?

Q: why did you block me on Twitter? I want to yell at you some more about the above points. Congratulations, you just answered your own question.

Q: fuck you, you bitch/slut/prude/etc. Cheers mate, have a good one.

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This is brilliant.  I wish it had the option to tip you. 


I don't get it.