Post Jam updates

Updates! The jam closed yesterday, but after sleeping on it, pacing back and forth a little and getting some great suggestions from the Game Dunk Discord (special thanks to Blu_Phire!), I've made several tweaks to the text, especially to the final showdown. The core concept hasn't changed, but there were a few smaller things I wanted to improve on, namely:

  • Adjusted the wording of the character questionnaire at the beginning and added a new question to establish the training window.
  • Clarified under The Showdown that 1 or more roll of 6 = 1 hit (1 per turn).
  • Clarified that option 1 under The Final Test can occur more than once if desired.
  • Gave some suggestions for what might happen when a character is no longer able to fight (death, injury, capture etc).
  • Updated The Showdown so that characters take turns answering questions instead of one player answering all questions. Adjusted the questions so that they reflect these two roles.
  • Added a new question under Conclusion for the "Escape" option - the ever intriguing, "Who suffers for their failure?".
  • Adjusted the number of hits required to 5, then immediately adjusted it back to 4. Probability is hard yo. May the shiny math rocks be ever in your favour.
  • Fixed a typo I noticed immediately after I uploaded a previous version, because there is always a damn typo I notice as soon as I upload a new version.

The main thing I was trying to solve - which I hopefully have - is to clarify the story behind the final showdown, where the more powerful character takes lead while the mentor (or potentially the  student who failed to surpass the master) puts themself at risk to defend their companion. This was partially represented in the dice mechanics, but I think the adjusted set-up questionnaire also makes the intent clearer. I considered and discarded a few options to allow players to lean into this theme further, ultimately deciding to leave this up to chance (albeit slightly weighted against them) - much as the trope makes good entertainment, it's a little problematic at times and I don't want to glorify intentional self-sacrifice in my own narratives.

I think that's about it from me, but if you have any other feedback, I'd love to hear it!


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Jul 13, 2020

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