16/7/19: updates since launch

Several changes have been made since initial launch and will continue to be made over the next weeks/months. As noted on the product page, Coven is still in development. Those who have already picked up a copy have access to later versions at no additional cost, and benefit from the low pricing of the initial launch.

Changes to date include:

  • Addition of a character sheet and quick reference guide.
  • Expansion of Chapter 1, such as addition of new locations and a description of Faela's bartering system and currency.
  • Simplification and standardisation of the magic system and description of skills.
  • Expansion of the concept of hospitality/xenia in chapters 1 and 4.
  • Various editing fixes (e.g. typos).

Next steps:

  • Expansion of the Narrator resources and creation of a Narrator quick reference guide.
  • Inclusion of a world map (currently under commission).
  • A blog post explaining the full development plan for Coven as it currently stands.
  • Some initial concept art.

Later plan:

  • Development mentoring, consulting and playtesting to bring Coven to its best possible state.
  • A marketing push: mailing list, podcasts/streams, competitions etc.
  • Crowdfunding campaign to boost marketing and raise funds for art and layout.
  • [To be confirmed] launch of a printed version, likely through DTRPG Print on Demand.

Call to Action:

I need YOUR help to develop this game! If you have any immediate feedback or even questions or concerns, please comment below or contact me on Twitter @luciellaes or by email: luciellaes@gmail.com


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