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Coven is an [a]romantic fantasy tabletop roleplaying game for 2-5 people.

In the land of Faela, humans are born with two souls: the heart soul, centre of both reason and emotion, and the wandering soul, which holds restlessness, irrationality and creativity. During childhood, both souls reside beneath the skin, protecting the spirit in its frail flesh. From the age of 10-12, the wandering soul begins to venture out and explore the world, taking the form of a small, glowing creature called a familiar. The appearance of the familiar, along with the physical changes of puberty, is seen as part of the journey from childhood into adulthood.

In rare cases, a child grows up without a familiar ever manifesting. Depending on their family and the culture of their homeland, such children may be pitied, feared, or even worshipped. They often grow up believing themselves broken and alone – little knowing that across the wide world, there exist many others like them.

You are one such child, and your story is just beginning.

I accidentally wrote 42 pages for #GaymeJam2k19, whoops.

Coven is currently in development: this version has not been edited or playtested, is subject to further development work (including potential rule changes) and has no internal artwork, and the pricing reflects this fact. Purchasing this game now provides access to later versions at no additional cost, provides funding for development work including art, cartography and consulting, and demonstrates your interest in the game.

**IMPORTANT: if you have any feedback on the current version of the game, please comment below or contact me at luciellaes@gmail.com or on Twitter at @luciellaes. This game needs your feedback to grow!**


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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